Gallina Blanca: Mam-I by Sopalista

May 23, 2011Filed under Online and Food


MAM-i : Before iPhone exists your mom was the only person that give you advises every day at every moment. In 2011 Gallina Blanca launched the best of your mother in a free AA Iphone Application: MAM-I, always ready to give you “just” those minutes of mother you need everyday

MAM-I it is not you mother, but almost,,,

Send you every day mother famous and delicious cook recipes to eat and cook as at home
Send you using different phrases its mother popular wisdom, taking care of you as you were a child
She wake you up with the possibility to stay at bed: “5 minutes more”
Diary notifications with wisdoms and recipes in three categories: never give a dam, tedious and affective
You can call directly from the application to your real mom…Configured her number and call her when you need her.
Mam-I by Sopalista give you the opportunity to feel again the powerful of maternity, but just a few minutes every day.

Advertising Agency:Nurun, Madrid, Spain
Project Manager Direction:Manuel Barranco
Project Manager:Bicky de Pozo
Account Director:Rubén Jiménez
Account Supervisor:Roberto Iglesias
Account Manager:Isabel Martin
Social Media Specialist:Juan Bodas
Creative Director:Pablo Dachefsky
Designer:Daniel Fernandez
Video developer:Jose Luis Gonzalez
Copywriter:Antonio Ramos
Developer Director:Gonzalo Corchón
Developer:Alberto Lopez
Integration:Oscar Marina
Digital Solutions:David del Amo
Servers:Juan Salom
Communication:Eva García
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