Cerveza del Cura: Lifeguard, Saint

May 28, 2011Filed under Print and Alcoholic Drinks

Beer prayer to St. Lifeguard.
Blessed are you among all women. Rather holy and not. Always willing to sacrifice for the ugliest. Blessed be your ability to pick up the fall that has taken too many beers "Cerveza del Cura". Thy will be done when others have lost all shame.In your hands are the keys to every car and other things.
Cerveza del Cura
Confessed to find us.

Beer prayer before the appearance of Saint Priest.
There comes your time. In your hands we commend. All powerful we give you our souls. Do not forsake me now. I know I've taken many beers "Cerveza Cure". Oh Saint Priest give me a soft headache. Let the sun shine late. Oh Holy, sorry for beers taken as well for coming beers.
Cerveza del Cura
Confessed to find us.

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