Under Armour: Julio Jones UA E39

March 12, 2011Filed under Film and Fashion, Clothing, Footwear

Ideation: WMIG
Creative Directors: Brian Boring, Andre Stringer
Copywriters: Andre Stringer, Nathan Caswell
Associate Producer: Sheina Dao
Executive Producer: Megan Kelly
Director: Andre Stringer
Production Company: Shilo
Director of Photography: Joe Zizzo
Editor: Nathan Caswell
Assistant Editor: Hedia Maron
Storyboard Artist: Ed Tranquino
3D Artist: Maurice Caicedo
3D Tracking: Matthew Broeska
2D Animator/Compositor: Gabriel Regentin
2D Animator: Stieg Retlin
Designer: I-Ting Lee
Roto: Carlos Rosario, Akira Uchinokura, Adriana Vellejo, Leslie Chung, Djeison Canuto
Producer: Mariya Shikher
Production Coordinator: Sheina Dao
Line Producer: Jeremy Yaches
Head of Production: Julie Shevach
Executive Producer: Megan Kelly
Telecine: Company 3
Colorist: Tom Poole
Composer: Darrin Wiener
Sound Design: Echolab
Sound Designer: Gavin Little
VO Record and Final Mix: Sound Lounge
Mixer: Peter Buccellato
VO Talent: Uch Martin

Creative Director:Brian Boring, André Stringer
Copywriter:André Stringer, Nathan Caswell
Associate Producer:Sheina Dao
Executive Producer:Megan Kelly, Megan Kelly
Director:André Stringer
Production Company:Shilo
Director Of Photography:Joe Zizzo
Editor:Nathan Caswell
Assistant Editor:Hedia Maron
Storyboard Artist:Ed Tranquino
3d Artist:Maurice Caicedo
3D Tracking:Matthew Broeska
2d Animator:Gabriel Regentin, Stieg Retlin
Compositor:Gabriel Regentin
Designer:I-Ting Lee
Roto:Carlos Rosario, Akira Uchinokura, Adriana Vellejo, Leslie Chung, Djeison Canuto
Producer:Mariya Shikher
Production Coordinator:Sheina Dao
Line Producer:Jeremy Yaches
Head Of Production:Julie Shevach
Telecine:Company 3
Colorist:Tom Poole
Composer:Darrin Wiener
Sound Design:Echolab
Sound Designer:Gavin Little
Mixer:Peter Buccellato
VO Talent:Uch Martin
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