PETA: AutoCorrect

February 20, 2011Filed under Online and Public Interest, NGO


Over the years, the advertising industry has produced hundreds of commercials featuring real great apes. Advertisers were unaware of the terrible ordeal the animals endured in order to end up in front of the camera.

Great apes used in advertising are taken from their mothers shortly after birth, causing irreparable psychological harm. They are physically and psychologically abused during training to ensure that they will perform confusing, unnatural behaviors on cue. By the time apes reach approximately 8 years of age, they are too strong to be safely handled and are often discarded at wretched roadside zoos or other substandard facilities. Apes can live to be 60, so life after "retirement" from show business often means decades spent in appalling conditions.

Unfortunately, we can't change the past, but we can prevent the suffering of other great apes by leaving them out of advertisements.

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