PETA: How to Train an Elephant

January 08, 2011Filed under Direct Marketing and Public Interest, NGO

To bring attention to, and help stop, the cruelty of elephants in the circus, we engaged an audience that is already in an "animal caretaking". Mindset: Pet store customers. By placing a simple training manual on pet store checkout counters, we communicated to pet owners the abuse circus elephants endure when they're trained to perform their tricks. Ultimately, encouraging readers to help stop the torture of the elephants by boycotting the circus.

Advertising Agency:Y&R Chicago, USA
Chief Creative Officer:Bob Winter
Creative Director:Sonya Grewal
Art Director:Sonya Grewal, Gabo Curielcha, Thomas Nicholas
Copywriter:Evan Thompson
Illustration:Bob Staake
Art Buyer:Darcy Drews
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