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December 08, 2010Filed under Design and Other
Advertising Agency:Nhn Corporation, Seongnam, South Korea
Creative Director:Jo Hang Soo
Head Of Marketing Center:Jo Hang Soo
Project Director:Kim Seung Eon
Chief Designer:Kim Seung Eon, Kim Hyoung Woo
Planner:Chang In Sung, Kang Sae Bom, Lee Hyun Kew, Seo Dong Hee
Chief Marketer:Chang In Sung
Project Manager:Kim Hyoung Woo, Kim Myung Soo, Jung Bin Young
Lead Designer:Kim Myung Soo, Jung Bin Young, Oh Won Jin
Lead Marketer:Kang Sae Bom
Senior Marketer:Lee Hyun Kew
Marketer:Seo Dong Hee
Interactive Design:Song Byung Yong, Lee Sang Min, Ko Dae Hyun, Hwang Ho Chul
Senior Designer:Song Byung Yong, Lee Sang Min, Kim Jung June, Cha Duck Jun
Interaction Design:Kim Jung June, Chae Myung Suk
Designer:Ko Dae Hyun, Hwang Ho Chul, Chae Myung Suk, Jun Se Hee
Graphic Design:Oh Won Jin, Jun Se Hee
Space Design:Cha Duck Jun
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