Intel Microprocessors: Rock stars, Clean room

December 27, 2010Filed under Print and Electronics, Technology

Your rock stars aren't like our rock stars.
Our hallways are filed with plenty of high-profile thinkers. But only a handful of them can completely stop a room, including men like Dr. Ted Hoff, one of the inventors of Intel's very first microprocessor. Back in 1969 their Intel 4004 microprocessor blew people's minds wide open - a tradition that's still very much alive. Learn more at

Your clean room isn't like our clean room.
Making microprocessors is a tricky business. The tiniest speck of dust is the equivalent to a two-ton boulder around our microscopic transistors. This is why our clean rooms are 10,000 times cleaner than a hospital operating room. It's also why our workers must wear those silly-looking outfits. Learn more at

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