Xbox Halo 3 ODST: The Life

November 25, 2010Filed under Film and Games, Toys

With seamless integration of VFX and live-action footage, Asylum helped to launch Halo 3: ODST, the latest in the Halo series of video games, for the Xbox 360 via T.A.G. SF. Concieved by T.A.G., the dramatic live-action short shot by MJZ's Rupert Sanders with VFX courtesy of Asylum portrays the story of Tarkov, an ODST (Orbital Drop Shock Trooper). From inspiration as a young man Tarkov evolves through his training and harrowing battle experience with the band of elite soldiers against hostile enemies to become a seasoned and deadly warrior. Expertly weaving sophisticated environment and character enhancements and atmospherics with feature film quality particle explosions, plasma weapons fire, CG drop-pods and futuristic Banshee War Planes, Asylum's contributions to the piece were both explosive and intimate. In concert with brilliant photography, these matchless effects gave rise to a piece that evokes an immediate sense of danger and adventure, coupled with the grave realities of duty and honor that define the Halo series.

Advertising Agency:T.A.G., USA
Executive Creative Director:Scott Duchon, John Patroulis
Art Director:Aramis Israel
Copywriter:Rick Herrera
Prod Company:Mjz
Director:Rupert Sanders
Ep:Eric Stern, Saima Awan
Supervisor:Adriana Cebada Mora, Melinda Szepesi
Asst Prod Supervisor:Courtney Nolen
Producer:David Lethem, Laurie Boccaccio, Eszter Repassy, Ryan Meredith
Dp:Greig Fraser
Post Production:Asylum
Visual Effects Supervisor:Rob Moggach
Lead Compositor:Rob Moggach
Executive Producer:Michael Pardee
Coordinator:Emily Avoujageli
Bidding Producer:Michael Hanley
Compositor:Mark Renton, Caitlin Content, Steve Muangman, Miles Essmiller, Rob Trent, Tim Davies, Jonny Hicks, John Stewart, John Weckworth, Brad Scott
Smoke Artist:Alex Gomez
Lead Modeler:Greg Stuhl
Modeler:Toshihiro Sakamaki
Lead Animator:Michael Warner
Animator:Samir Lyons
Texture:John Hart, Ryan Reeb
Tracker:Tom Stanton, Michael Lori
Lighter:Sean Comly, Aaron Vest, Michael Comly, Yurichiro Wamashita
Effects Animator:Yurichiro Wamashita, David Schoneveld
Lead Roto:Elissa Bello
Roto:Hugo Dominuez, Laura Murillo, Daniel Linger, Bethany Pederson, Jason Bidwell, Stephanie Ide, Scott Baxter, Midori Witsken, Mark Duckworth, Zac Chowdhury, Huey Carroll
Wire Removal:Bethany Pederson
Lead Matte Painter:Tim Clark
Design:Simon Cassels, Aaron Benoit
Cg Supervisor:Jens Zalzala
Editorial:Final Cut
Editor:Eric Zumbrennen
Assistant Editor:Jacob Kuehl
Post Producer:Kelly Garcia
Colorist:Mark Gethin
Music Producer:Mike Jurasits
Sound Design:Brian Emrich
Mix:Loren Silber, Lime Studios, Loren Silber, Lime Studios
Sound Designer:Brian Emrich
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