Agudol: Pain

November 23, 2010Filed under Direct Marketing and Health, Beauty, Pharmaceutical

Agudol is a nonprescription painkiller specially formulated for headache. For general confidence and gain ground in May to its competitors, is developing a piece of direct marketing aimed at clinicians who recommend the product to their patients. Through its own medical representatives, Agudol to him a small wooden box, inside was a racket toy with a rubber ball attached to it with an elastic thread. On one side was printed the face of a frowning man and the other the same face but relaxed. Grupo Farma del Ecuador S. A. received excellent feedback and compliments from doctors and health visitors who rated themselves action as the fun and seller.

Advertising Agency:Maruri Grey, Guayaquil, Ecuador
Creative Director:Luis Campoverde
Art Director:Luis Campoverde
Copywriter:Pipo Morano
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