Peace! 100 voices against violence and war: Everyone who reads this book will die

October 27, 2010Filed under Media, Print and Media, Publications

Everyone who reads this book will die.
But the more who read it, the less will die because of violence.
You can’t avoid death. Such is life. But you can fight to avoid violence as the cause of death or the reason for pain and agony. This week all 16-yearolds in Sween will receive the book Peace! by mail. In it we have collected 100 voices: writers, photographers, artists, soldiers, politicians, kids and adults, that all share their feelings about the violence that is becoming a more and more common feature in the day to day life. What they’re saying, shouting, or sometimes only whispering, is one and the same: There must be an alternative. Read the book and make sure that the voices against violence never go quiet. Because if they do, we have failed.

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