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August 02, 2010Filed under Film and Automotive

JSM CD/EP Joel Simon led a team of composers in the creation of lively soundtracks complementing the action in four new spots promoting the Lincoln MKS luxury vehicle. The series of :15s, created in specifically for UniWorld, showcase JSM's ability to enliven even the most limited action sequences with an original score.

Drive stars a smiling woman piloting her MKS through rolling, verdant terrain. A funky, upbeat track accompanies the action as the driver accelerates using the car's environmentally friendly yet powerful EcoBoost technology.

Go also promotes EcoBoost, as a determined man uses the system to accelerate from the gloom of a rainstorm to the sunshine of open countryside. The music perfectly complements the transition from dark to light, shifting from a slightly menacing beat to a lilting, whimsical tune by the final sun-soaked beach scene.

Play, shot almost entirely in the car's interior, stars a man in lighthearted awe of the MKS's Active Park Assist, which parallel parks the Lincoln without human assistance. A playful tune synchs joyously with the motions of the smiling driver, who appears to be dancing with the steering wheel as it backs the car into its space.

Stay features the voice-activated navigation system, and introduces a driver stalled in a traffic jam who calls out to the system, and, with new directions, heads off on the open road. A subdued, carefree beat evokes the ease of the new technology and the relaxed element that it introduces to the man's life.

"The challenge here was to make meaningful soundtracks for :15s; trying to capture the exact mood of each spot in a very short spot," noted Simon. "UniWorld was extremely cooperative in sharing fully at each phase of the creative process so we could really fine tune each score to the spot's message."

Advertising Agency:UniWorld, USA
Vp:Lisa Llewellyn
Group Creative Director:Lisa Llewellyn
Acd:Jarek Carrethers
Art Director:Jarek Carrethers
Producer:Marjorie Clarke, Karen Chen, Linda Gallagher
Prod Company:Backyard Productions
Director:Jeffrey Karoff
Creative Director:Vico Sharabani
Designer:Kevin Quinlan
Animator:Kevin Quinlan
Coo:Camille Geier
Ep:Camille Geier, Joel Simon
Ceo:Zviah Eldar
Managing Director:Rick Wagonheim
Editorial:Lost Planet
Editor:Bob Jenkis
Composers:John Sneider, Joel Simon
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