Cargill: Salt 101

August 18, 2010Filed under Online and Food

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The site,, built in close collaboration with Carmichael Lynch and sister PR firm, Carmichael Lynch Spong, features renowned television personality and award-winning author Alton Brown dispensing cooking tips with his trademark humor and expertise.

The site's main areas are a unique test kitchen and a timeless laboratory which provided the setting for a pair of unique interactive games that flawlessly combine live action footage of Brown with various digital components. The kitchen features "The Proper Pinch," a game in which the user can control Brown's hand to apply the correct sprinkling of salt to meat, and "Finishing Touches," in which participants can choose food items to add salt to, from ice cream to cookies, and Brown explains the exact effect that the addition will have to each item. In the lab portion of the site, the "Power of the Pyramid" game allows users to try destroying a salt pyramid with different weapons. The "Stickability" game offers the chance to apply salt to different kinds of food to see how well it sticks.

Advertising Agency:Carmichael Lynch, Minnesota, USA
Gcd:Brock Davis
Creative Director:Kent Carmichael
Copywriter:Kent Carmichael
Art Director:Dale Austin
Broadcast Producer:Jon Mielke
Digital Producer:Andrew Peterson, Peta Martin
Company:Tool Of North America
Director:Jason Zada
Ep:Brian Latt, Jennifer Siegel
Digital EP:Dustin Callif
Live Action Producer:Steven Steiner
Digital Coordinator:Alex Austin
Production Designer:Jerry D'Alesio
Editorial:Cosmo Street
Editor:Asako Ushio
Producer:Justin Smollen
Audio Post:Cosmo Street
Developer:Jason Nickel
Site Design:Pixel Pusher
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