Mountain Goat Brewery: Too busy brewing

July 16, 2010Filed under Print and Alcoholic Drinks

Sorry guys, time flies when you're babysitting yeast. We need these little fellas happy because happy yeast give our beer that perfect ale-ness. So we had to make the ad with a photo we found on the web this morning.

Sorry guys, we missed the submission deadline for our ad this week. We were busy testing the new Hop-inator (it gives the beer an extra aromatic kick). Anyway, we thought if we printed the front page again, The Age might give us another chance next week.

Sorry about the ad. We had to let our goat make it because we were busy counting yeast cells. There must be 500,000 per ml to make sure our beer keeps fermenting after it's bottled.

Creative Director:Richard Ralphsmith
Art Director:Jake Barrow
Copywriter:Jim Curtis
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