Kia: Joyride Dream

June 26, 2010Filed under Film and Automotive

Joyride Dream features the all-new 2011 Kia Sorento and a colorful cast of characters, including a life-size Sock Monkey (Fox River Mills, Inc.), Muno (from YO GABBA GABBA!, the award-winning series and live tour, produced by W!LDBRAIN and The Magic Store), MR. X (BLABLA KIDS collection), Robot and Teddy Bear. The commercial follows the gang as they experience an action-packed road trip, which takes them from exploding pins in a bowling alley to jumping jet skis, and mechanical bull riding to a mountain log cabin. They even find themselves on a dance floor pulling off some classic moves. Every great road trip needs an equally memorable sound track. How You Like Me Now by the Heavy delivers the goods as it plays throughout the whirlwind adventure. The character’s epic road trip takes an unexpected turn, and they find themselves in a bit of a predicament.

Joyride Dream was inspired by the “Young Parent” life stage, a time of discovery and rediscovery. New parents find themselves surrounded by toys, stories and songs not heard since childhood. They also discover new characters and new TV shows; priorities change and the backseats of their cars are filled with kids’ stuff. They realize they are full-fledged adults with responsibilities and chores. And while embracing this new life stage, still feel youthful and need to have some fun along the way. The all-new 2011 Kia Sorento enables you to enjoy all parts of life. It’s spacious, comes filled with the latest technology, and it is fuel efficient and stylish. So while you may spend most of your time racing around the city dealing with life, you’re ready, as is the Sorento, for a much-deserved night out on the town, or even a trip to the mountains.

Advertising Agency:David And Goliath, Los Angeles, USA
Chief Creative Officer:David Angelo
Executive Creative Director:Colin Jeffery
Art Director:Colin Jeffery, David Cuccinello
Associate Creative Director:David Cuccinello, Napper Tandy
Copywriter:Napper Tandy, Linda Knight
Ep:Carol Lombard, Marjie Abrahams
Md:Carol Lombard
Director:Carl Erik Rinsch
Dp:Dariusz Wolski
Production Company:Rsa
Producer:Annie Johnson
Edit House:Arcade
Editor:Paul Martinez, Nick Rondau & Dean Miyahira
Colorist:Matt Turner, Company 3
Audio:Robert Feist, Ravenswork
Vfx House:Asylum
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