ce de ce (Club of Creatives of Spain): Juan Mariano Mancebo, Rafa Anton, Antonio Montero Contrapunto, Miguel Garcia Vizcaino Sra Rushmore, Jose Luis Esteo Remo Asatsu, Toni Segarra

June 07, 2010Filed under Print and Other

I decided to nick a light book from Casadevall Pedreño to avoid heavy afect on my concience. Juan Mariano Mancebo

I regret what I did, I stole a book from an agency in Chicago. Rafa Anton

I remembered that I didn't leave Mc Cann Ericson via the main entrance.It was much easier to leave with this book through the back door. Antonio Montero Contrapunto

To make it clear: Giving back this DAD stolen from a DGG at BBDO I will get a ce de ce. Miguel Garcia Vizcaino Sra Rushmore

The art to nick a book from Contrapunto without anybody being aware of it I used to call: take work at home. Jose Luis Esteo Remo Asatsu

I had to take this book at home. At Delvico we had to make space in the shelves for the awards. Toni Segarra

The hole campaign is about getting a discount for giving a stolen book to the ce de ce library on the new anual of ce de ce. Famous creatives confess to have stolen books.

Advertising Agency:Ruiz Nicoli Lineas, Spain
Executive Creative Director:Breno Cotta
Creative Director:Leandro Yanco, Javi Echevarría
Copywriter:Leandro Yanco, Javi Echevarría
Art Director:Javier Gomez
Final Art:Carol Gutiérrez
Photographer:The Unknown Artist
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