The Generic Man: Tokyo/Glow

May 10, 2010Filed under Film and Fashion, Clothing, Footwear

Director: Jonathan Bensimon
Production Co & City: Citizen Jones / Los Angeles; Industry Films / Toronto
Producer: Jonas Bell Pasht
Director Of Photography: Jonathan Bensimon
Post Production & City: (Stealing Time) (Toronto), Alter Ego; (Toronto)
Editor & Company: Geoff Ashenhurst, ((Stealing Time))
Music & Music Publisher: Kidstreet (Nettwerk Records)
Production Service Company: Lugo (Tokyo)

Director:Jonathan Bensimon
Production Co & City:Citizen Jones, Los Angeles; Industry Films
Producer:Jonas Bell Pasht
Director Of Photography:Jonathan Bensimon
Post Production & City:(Stealing Time) (Toronto), Alter Ego; (Toronto)
Editor & Company:Geoff Ashenhurst, Stealing Time
Music & Music Publisher:Kidstreet (Nettwerk Records)
Production Service Company:Lugo (Tokyo)
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