Lawrence & Mayo: Bono, Schwarzenegger, Lennon

April 23, 2010Filed under Print and Personal accessories

Which Bono is Bono?
The voice keeps getting louder. The stage changes everyday. The activist becomes a rock star who becomes an activist. The impassioned ballads become lyrical speeches. And vice-versa. The lighter-waving fans are replaced by suited delegates at the UN. Through it all the brown, polarized, wide-framed Bulgaris remain constant. Letting those photosensitive eyes see all that is wrong with our world.
Lawrence & Mayo. Your glasses are you.

He'll be back.
The studios have cashed out. The shotgun lies rusted. The Terminator is himself a Governor now. And his promises sound different. But a pair of Oakley frogskins sunglasses still hangs on to the legend. Just in case the world needs another round of saving.
Lawrence & Mayo. Your glasses are you.

John's gone.
28 years on. The songs over. The words forgotten. The fortune divided. Even the anthem is just a sweet, silly idealistic lullaby now. Only a pair of round-rimmed, gold-plated, smoke-tinted glasses survive, hoping there'll be another like him.
Lawrence & Mayo. Your glasses are you.

Advertising Agency:Eleven Brandworks, Mumbai, India
Creative Director:Puneet Kapoor, Prateek Bhardwaj
Art Director:Puneet Kapoor
Copywriter:Prateek Bhardwaj
Illustrators:Puneet Kapoor, Anand Chodankar
Photographer:Altaf Khan
Planner:Imran Khan
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