Design Currency 2010 Icograda Design Week In Vancouver: Money counter

April 10, 2010Filed under Film and Other

The theme of the conference this year is "Design Currency: Defining the
Value of Design". To play off the idea of currency, we created over 2200
custom bills and used a money counting machine to make a flipbook-style
animation piece. It¹s about identifying the different elements that increase
design¹s strength. It was definitely an interesting process figuring out how
to make it work, but we¹re thrilled with how it turned out.

Advertising Agency:Rethink, Vancouver, Canada
Creative Director:Ian Grais
Art Director:Todd Takahashi
Copywriter:Keri Zierler
Designer:Jeff Harrison, Rory O¹Sullivan
DP #2:Chris Nielsen
Broadcast Producer:Laura Rioux
Print Producer:Jim Leith
Account Manager:Jillian Yaehne
Director:Jay Grandin, Todd Smith
Dp:Jay Grandin
Editor:Jay Grandin, Todd Smith
Vfx:Jay Grandin, Todd Smith
Animator:Todd Smith
Audio Producer:Brandon Edwards
Engineer:Brandon Edwards
Original music by:Brandon Edwards
Illustrator:Jeff Burgess
Printer:Total Graphics
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