The Hole 3D: The launch of the movie

February 02, 2010Filed under Media and Recreation, Leisure, Sports

Launch of the movie The Hole in 3D directed by Joe Dante.
(A pair of brothers stumble upon a mysterious hole in their basement that leads to the darkest corridors of their fears and nightmares.)

Step 1: 2 weeks before: GUERRILLA. Floorstickers with a man falling into an hole were placed all over metro stations in Rome and Milan and in hundred of movie theaters.
Step 2: 2 weeks before WEB. Website about the movie with extra content (trailer, bills, phobias etc..).
Step 3: 10 days before: AMBIENT. Fake legs were added at the floorstickers and at special Billboards.
Step 4: 1 week before: EVENT. A black container was placed in the center of Milan and people were invited to challenge their fears. An infrared-cam recorded people’s reactions and the videos were uploaded on youtube and facebook.
Step 5: PROMOTION. Limited edition t-shirts (showing different fears to fight) were produced. People could win them entering the container.
Step 6: GADGETS. Fluorescent bracelets were given during the days of the event.
Step 7: 2 days before: 3D PRINT. Special 3D print was published on free press “On Stage”. 3D glasses were distributed with the magazine.

Advertising Agency:Auge Headquarter, Milan, Italy
Creative Director:Federica Ariagno, Giorgio Natale
Graphic Designer:Corrado Grilli
Copywriter:Niccolò Bossi
Photographer:Corrado Grilli, Niccolò Bossi
Event Production:h(Live)
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