MTV Movie Awards: Let's go to the movies, Kristen Bell, Justin Bieber

January 19, 2010Filed under Media, Film and Media, Publications

Agency/Production Company: MTV on-air promos
Director: Evan Silver
Producer: Kris Walter
Executive Creative Director: Kevin Mackall
Senior Executive Producer: Amy Campbell
Executive Producer: Brent Stoller
Writers: Aziz Ansari, Jason Woliner
Art Director: Evan Silver
Production Manager: Kathryn Stanchak
DP: Aaron Phillips
Production Designer: Dan Butts
Editorial: NumberSix
Editor: Tiffany Burchard
EP/Post: Toni Lipari
Visual Effects Company: Click 3x
VFX Creative Director, Flame Artist: Mark Szumski, Click 3x
Flame Artist: Sophia Avgousti, Click 3x, Suzanne Scharping, Click 3x
Post Producer: Rob Meyers, Click 3x
Telecine: Micah Kirz, Point.360
Sound Design & Mix: Britt Myers, Ian Stynes, Great City Prod
Title Animation/Graphics: Ana Sanchez, MTV on-air design

Advertising Agency:MTV On Air Promos
Director:Evan Silver
Producer:Kris Walter
Executive Creative Director:Kevin Mackall
Senior Executive Producer:Amy Campbell
Executive Producer:Brent Stoller
Writers:Aziz Ansari, Jason Woliner
Art Director:Evan Silver
Production Manager:Kathryn Stanchak
Dp:Aaron Phillips
Production Designer:Dan Butts
Editor:Tiffany Burchard
Ep:Toni Lipari
Post:Toni Lipari
Visual Effects Company:Click 3x
Creative Director:Mark Szumski, Click 3x
Flame Artist:Mark Szumski, Click 3x, Sophia Avgousti, Click 3x, Suzanne Scharping, Click 3x
Post Producer:Rob Meyers, Click 3x
Telecine:Micah Kirz, Point.360
Sound Design & Mix:Britt Myers, Ian Stynes, Great City Prod
Title Animation:Ana Sanchez, Mtv On-Air Design
Graphics:Ana Sanchez, Mtv On-Air Design
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