Hyundai: 2010 FIFA World Cup Sponsorship

January 09, 2010Filed under Print and Automotive

Think about it.
How do you earn true loyalty? It's not just a matter of where you're born or what language you speak. It's simple, really. Just give people more than what they ask for, and nothing less than what you demand from yourself. To earn true loyalty, you first have to show it.
Official partner of the 2010 Fifa World Cup.

Think about it.
It didn't begin with a massive contract, a private jet, luxury homes, high-priced PR consultants, legions of fans, supermodel girlfriends, on-call medical staffs, red carpets, endorsements and stretch limos. It merely began with a push. And intention refined. And re-defined. A desire to find new ways. And a passion to the best.
Official partner of the 2010 Fifa World Cup.

Think about it.
Mention "the shot heard 'round the World" to any American sports fan and they'll probably tell you about a heroic home run hit by Bobby Thomson in 1951. But ask anyone outside America, and they'll tell you it was the victory over England by an American team made up of mail carriers, a dishwasher, a meat packer, a funeral director and other weekend league players who found themselves taking on the reigning kings of soccer in the 1950 World Cup. The odds against them were 500-1. While others questioned their chances, the U.S. team answered with the most stunning upset in the history of the World Cup. They saw the challenge not as an obstacle, but the opportunity to get better. Because, in the end, that's how you get to be the best.
Proud partner of the 2010 Fifa World Cup.

Think about it.
There is no perfect ball. No perfect foot. No perfect shoe. No perfect coaching. No perfect training. No perfect field. No perfect climate. And, often, no perfect day. There is only the idea of perfect. The vision to imagine it. And the desire to achieve it. At Hyundai, we salute the players and teams that made it to this year's World Cup. And those on their way to the next.
Official partner of the 2010 Fifa World Cup.

Advertising Agency:Innocean, USA
Executive Creative Director:Jeff Spiegel
Creative Director:Doug James, Robert Prins
Art Director:Jera Mehrdad
Copywriter:Steve O'Brien
Account Director:Richard Cran
Account Executive:Lara Trapass
Photographer:Nadav Kander, Peter Marlow
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