McDonald's: The speaker

October 25, 2009Filed under Media and Food

China Win! This is the dream of all Chinese in 2008. As the Olympic Official sponsor, McDonald’s wished that every Chinese people could join to the grand event by all means. ‘i’m lovin’ it!’ is McDonald’s slogan; based on that, we came up with a new theme, that is, ‘i’m lovin’ China win!’. It was anticipated that during the Olympics, the whole nation was to cry out ‘i’m lovin’ China win!’ and cheer for China. We designed a speaker-featured Olympic Cheering station. It was equipped with a webcam, microphone, interactive screen, web link, etc. Every consumer who went into the ‘speaker’ could record their own video of cheer for China - ‘i’m lovin’ China win!’. Then via interactive screen and web link, the videos were transferred to McDonald’s website and viewed by people. The Cheering station had raised a huge amount of attention and over 9,500 pieces of cheer videos had been collected within a month.

Advertising Agency:DDB, Shanghai, China
Creative Director:Jody Xiong
Art Director:Jody Xiong, Leo Wan
Copywriter:Meredin Xu
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