Adidas: Ballack - Target Practice

August 26, 2009Filed under Online and Fashion, Clothing, Footwear

Michael Ballack has a spot of target practice, trying out his new Predator boots. He takes aim at a hoop, which is held up by a trainer at Chelsea's Cobham training ground. However, instead of getting the ball through the hoop, he smacks it right into the trainer's family jewels - which is precisely where he was aiming it. The trainer is adidas client Mark Whitehead, who, unsuspectingly ends up taking one for the team. You've got balls Mark (in certain respects).

Advertising Agency:180, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Creative Director:Sean Thompson
Producer:Joe Togneri, Greg Jordan, Eline Bakker
Business Affairs Managers:Chris Barrand, Pamela Villaflores
Production Company:Candela, Dab Hand Media
Director:Sean Thompson
Dp:Theo Garland
Executive Producer:Vanessa Merino, Claire Finn
Editing:U Turn Content Productions
Editor:Martin Engh
Assistant Editor:Lee Ifans
Sound Design:Marius Mudman Rypdal
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