Adidas: Arjen Robben - Magic Boot, Adebayor - Snake, Gerrard - Clay Pigeon Shoot

August 03, 2009Filed under Online and Fashion, Clothing, Footwear

Real Madrid star Arjen Robben reveals some of the secrets of his magic footwork in a new film for adidas. Sitting in the Real Madrid changing room, using nothing but the power of mind-control, Robben commands all the parts of an F50 TUNiT boot from the team's boot room. Without aid of visible support, the uppers join with the chassis and the studs are screwed in by the stud key. He picks up the finished boot and finally with a raised eyebrow, he stops the stud key spinning on the floor. The film is designed to show, in an entertaining way, how easy it is to modify F50 TUNiT boots before a game. Of course, the rest of us mere mortals have to use the power of our fingers instead of our minds to tune our boots.

Football's Emanuel Adebayor takes centre stage in the arcade classic 'Snake', in a new film for adidas. Sitting in a changing room, he clicks on the studs of his boot as if they're buttons on a PlayStation games controller. Meanwhile, on screen, he runs around the pitch collecting 'computer graphics' stars. With every star he picks up, another computerized Adebayor is added behind him, eventually making a very long row of Adebayors, like a Snake. Finally, achieving a 'High Score' he dances in his trademark Adebayor rhythm. The idea is to show in an innovative way, how F50 TUNiT boots are modified for different styles of play. The film celebrates Adebayor's flamboyance on the pitch and his much publicized love of video games in one very zany film.

Steven Gerrard and Xavi Alonso had a go at kicking a few balls at some clay pigeons at Liverpool's training ground, which isn't an easy thing armed with just a football. Alonso launched a clay pigeon from a machine they'd wheeled out on the pitch and Gerrard smacked a ball nearly hitting it. He had another go and, second attempt, he hit it breaking the clay in the sky. Manager Rafa Benitez, watching from his office looked pretty impressed at Gerrard's feat, as were Liverpool training staff standing behind the camera.

Advertising Agency:180, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Creative Director:Sean Thompson
Producer:Joe Togneri, Greg Jordan, Eline Bakker
Business Affairs Managers:Chris Barrand, Pamela Villaflores
Production Company:Candela, Dab Hand Media
Director:Sean Thompson
Dp:Theo Garland
Executive Producer:Vanessa Merino, Claire Finn
Editing:U Turn Content Productions
Editor:Martin Engh
Assistant Editor:Lee Ifans
Sound Design:Marius Mudman Rypdal
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