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April 18, 2009Filed under Online and Food

Have a look: www.livingsasquatch.com

Bring Sasquatch, famed from the Jack Link’s “Messin’ with Sasquatch” spots, to life with augmented reality! Use the attached footprint to get started.

What is Living Sasquatch?

Familiar with Jack Link’s popular “Messin’ with Sasquatch” campaign? Bring that experience to life – in your home or office – and dance or play with a 3D Sasquatch, and then share your experience with friends? That’s Living Sasquatch.

From a simple flat card (printed with a footprint image), Sasquatch can rise into the real world. Users simply access LivingSasquatch.com and through their Web cam use technology to view and “mess with” a 3D Sasquatch. The site allows users to direct Sasquatch’s performance -- from jumping to stomping and even dancing. It not only brings this elusive character to life, but it allows users to record their interaction with Sasquatch, and then share it online with friends.

Living Sasquatch takes user generated content to the next level and marries it with social networking by allowing users to create and share their own movies by:

o Selecting and adding a series of short animations to a timeline.

o Recording their own interactions with Sasquatch on their Webcam.

o Sharing their movie creations with their friends through e-mail.

o Adding their movies to the public gallery on the site. Movies in the gallery can receive “stomps of approval” or votes from other viewers of the site.

Advertising Agency:Carmichael Lynch, Minneapolis, USA
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