Lowe Pirella Fronzoni: Emanuele Pirella

January 09, 2009Filed under Print and Agency Self-Promo

What if you were a young copywriter and you were appointed to write an ad to celebrate Emanuele Pirella, father of all copywriters?
How can you find the right words to write about a person who has just been nominated by the English 'The father of Italian copywriting'? Right, because Mark Tungate defined Emanuele Pirella with these exact words, 'Father of Italian copywriters', in his book 'Adland, a global history of advertising'. What's the problem? None, except for the fact that I am the one chosen to
fill the uncomfortable role of writing this celebrative text. They chose me, the guy who is not even the nephew of copywriting. So for this reason (and I also speak to you, Emanuele Pirella, the man I work for) I ask you to be comprehensive. Up until last month the only titles I wrote were the ones of the songs on the CDs I burnt. Instead now, I'm here, speaking about the man who let the immortal 'O Così o Pomì', the scandalous 'Chi mi ama mi segua' and the celebrated 'Altissima, purissima, Levissima' come to life. The founder of one of the biggest Italian communication agency, the man who wrote hundreds of articles, who gives lectures and seminars around Italy and the one who won so many prizes that he doesn't even know where to put them anymore. So please, help me, and if someone should ask you, I hope you will say that this was a wonderful ad.

Advertising Agency:Lowe Pirella Fronzoni, Milan, Italy
Creative Director:Francesco Bozza, Umberto Casagrande
Art Director:Lorena Cascino
Illustrator:Lorena Cascino
Copywriter:Massimo Ambrosini
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