Allianz Insurances: Magritte - tile, Magritte - hammer, Magritte - banana peel, Magritte - pipe

October 23, 2008Filed under Print and Other

This is not a roof tile.
This is a painful bump provocateur. Hopefully Allianz.

This is not a hammer.
This is a common finger squasher. Hopefully Allianz.

This is not a banana peel.
This is a malicious back bruiser. Hopefully Allianz.

This is not a pipe.
This is a fatal bronchia-contaminator. Hopefully Allianz health insurance.

Advertising Agency:Atletico International, Berlin, Germany
Creative Director:Roland Vanoni
Art Director:Lars Hodeige
Copywriter:Anne Katrin Trybek
Illustrator:Aleix Pons
Other additional credits:Ilka Gülzau
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