Fuse TV: Time travel

January 19, 2008Filed under Media, Film and Media, Publications

Agency: Brooklyn Brothers
Art Directors: Stephen Rutterford, Clarissa Patrianova Valaeys
Writers: Guy Barnett, Mike Pierantozzi
Agency Producer: Shana Bellot
Production Company: Blacklist
Blacklist Executive Producer: Adina Sales
Blacklist Producers: Rich Rama, Karen Lawler
Directors: Nanospore
Creative Directors: Ben Lee, Paul Hwang
Cell Animators: Juliana Park, Omar Ruiz
Assistant Animator: Dave Creek
After Effects: Aaron Bjork
Compositor: Matthew Encina
Toolkit: C4D, After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash
Music: Composed and Performed by Rahzel
Produced by Leo Sidran and Eugene Cho (Amber Music)
Executive Producer: Patrick Oliver (Amber Music)
Sound Design: Carl Mandelbaum, audioEngine
Sound Design: Gloria Pitagorsky, Executive Producer, audioEngine

Advertising Agency:Brooklyn Brothers
Art Director:Stephen Rutterford, Clarissa Patrianova Valaeys
Writers:Guy Barnett, Mike Pierantozzi
Production Company:Blacklist
Blacklist Executive Producer:Adina Sales
Blacklist Producers:Rich Rama, Karen Lawler
Creative Director:Ben Lee, Paul Hwang
Cell Animators:Juliana Park, Omar Ruiz
Assistant Animator:Dave Creek
After Effects:Aaron Bjork
Compositor:Matthew Encina
Toolkit:C4D, After effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash
Executive Producer:Patrick Oliver (Amber Music)
Sound Design:Carl Mandelbaum, Audioengine, Gloria Pitagorsky, Executive Producer, Audioengine
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