Ultimate Ears Speakers: #TestTheSound

December 05, 2018Filed under Promo, Online, Mobile, Electronics, Technology and Music

The new brand of speakers is entering the market when one giant monopolist dominates and distribution opportunities are critically limited. When introducing the Ultimate Ears brand to the market, we needed extraordinary creative idea to break into the lives of consumers. The #TestTheSound idea allowed us to do this. We have found ten bright and extreme opinion leaders: a roofer, a rider, a tattoo master, a wakeboarder, a b-boy, a paintball player, a graffiti writer, a football freestyler, a drifter, and a mom blogger (whose life in some moments is as extreme as it can be). The opinion leaders tested Ultimate Ears in the most natural for them but the most surprising for ordinary consumers conditions. They drowned them, ran them down with a sports car, dropped them down from a height of dozens of meters, covered them with paint, kicked them, hit them against the walls, and had them destroyed by a one-year-old baby. We did all this to check whether the speaker would stand the test. And we dumbfounded the spectators with the result.

Advertising Agency:Havas Digital, Kiev, Ukraine
Ceo:Denys Lohvynenko
Creative Director:Oleksii Morozov
Senior Copywriter:Yulia Borgulenko
Senior Account Manager:Olena Nekrasova
Project Manager:Valeriy Artyukhov
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