Renault Duster: New Renault Duster

December 04, 2018Filed under Online and Automotive

We wanted people to feel that the new Renault Duster is a smart car that thinks about its owner. We wanted to create conditions for interaction between the consumer and the brand. And we did not want the space in which this interaction occurs to look like another website. That is why we added artificial intelligence to the new Renault Duster so that the car could sell itself to the user! We called it Dusty. After talking, Dusty (AI program) determined the nature and insights of the user and offered a personalized car configuration, as well as the idea and atmosphere for the first trip in the new car! Renault Duster is a gadget for the real life. An intelligent car that makes your life more interesting and easier even before you buy it.

Advertising Agency:Havas Digital, Kiev, Ukraine
Ceo:Denys Lohvynenko
Creative Director:Oleksii Morozov
Senior Copywriter:Inna Mazura
Senior Account Manager:Darina Yakovleva
Project Manager:Valeriy Artyukhov
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