Lion: Discover your Wild Nature

December 05, 2018Filed under Promo, Online, Food and Confectionery, Snacks

To dramatize and communicate the essence of the brand “Discover your Wild Nature”, we decided to glue into one combination all the trends, formats, and activities that currently attract the TA: extraordinary and popular bloggers, Versus Battle formats, cosplay, video games, and hate watching. A fighting-game-style promotional website has become the focus of the communication. We posted there the video challenges of our Ukrainians heroes: wildDurnev and wildMurafa. Over a period of a month, the users came up with challenges for them of any degree of weirdness, complexity, and improbability. Each week, each hero got one challenge from the list of challenges created by the users.

Advertising Agency:Havas Digital, Kiev, Ukraine
Ceo:Denys Lohvynenko
Creative Director:Oleksii Morozov
Art Director:Anastasia Kunts
Senior Copywriter:Inna Mazura
Senior Account Manager:Olena Nekrasova
SM Manager:Mariia Shlyakhova
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