easyJet: Dual travel guides

June 14, 2018Filed under Media, Online and Transport, Tourism

Following a print campaign encouraging French people to travel twice rather than once, easyJet and Buzzman unveil on 5th June, with Lonely Planet, the first collection of dual travel guides, in support of its promess: all Europe from 35€. 

Why choose between multiple destinations when easyJet offers you all of Europe from only 35 €? Why settle for Sirtaki dancing when you can also see the Royal Guard in London? Or settle for Scottish lakes when you can go surfing on the Canaries’ blue waves? Do not choose. Travel twice as much with easyJet! 

To reaffirm this campaign’s promise, easyJet and its agency Buzzman decided to deflect one of the most popular holidays companion: the guidebooks, as more than 6 millions of them are sold every year in France*. So they created the #TravelTwiceAsMuch with Lonely Planet, travel guides world leader. 

Athens-London, Southern Italy-Netherlands, Naples-Berlin, Croatia-Denmark or Scotland-Canary Islands; various tourist destinations with totally different programs to encourage easyJet generation to travel twice as much. This unprecedented edition will be sold at the unique price of 20€ and contains the full guides of the two destinations featured (2 guides for the price of one!). 

It is to be found from June 5th on easyjet.com/fr/lonely-planet as well as in numerous RELAY stores, on fnac.com and amazon.com websites and by order in all bookstores from June 6th. This operation will be supported by a 360° campaign on french market involving a national print campaign, a web film, press advertising, display and a social media device. 

To find out more about our guides or book your holidays, visit easyjet.com. Happy twin vacations thanks to easyJet! #TravelTwiceAsMuch * Source: GfK 2018 consumers panel on the book market

Advertising Agency:Buzzman, Paris, France
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