Mercedes-Benz: Fire Marks

May 16, 2018Filed under Media, PR and Automotive

In Brazil, all vehicles leave the assembly line stamped with a large identification number, and our idea was to stop putting numbers on the busses and instead give names to these vehicles. Specifically, the names of people who were injured or killed in attacks of this nature.

Every year, hundreds of buses are targets of arson in Brazil. The purpose of such vandalism is to draw awareness and attention to a protest or grievance. However, such a practice results in serious consequences for innocent people who have nothing to do with the issue. The names and stories of drivers and passengers who are hurt or even killed in such incidents are often forgotten by society and they end up becoming just a statistic or number. For example, take the case of bus driver Jefferson Alves da Silva, who suffered burns to part of his body as he heroically saved a handicapper passenger from flames.

Advertising Agency:Moma Propaganda, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director:Rodolfo Sampaio
Art Director:Guilherme Martins, Bruno Campanelli
Copywriter:Rafael de Miranda
Production:PBA Cinema
Director:Santi Dulce
Photographer:Nixon Freire
Clients:Walter Barbosa, Curt Axthelm, Jucimara Miotto
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