McDonald's Big Mac: Big Mac Can

May 08, 2018Filed under Direct Marketing, Design and Food

In 2018 one of the world’s greatest classics celebrates its 50th anniversary: the Big Mac. The only sandwich that’s present in all of McDonald’s restaurants around the world, Big Mac continues to conquer different generations and has made thus far without changing any of its ingredients. Since this cultural heritage deserves a historical celebration, Coca-Cola, another icon that is a perfect combination to the Big Mac, joins the brand for an unprecedented action developed by the Brazilian ad agency DPZ&T: the Big Mac Can, a limited edition Coca-Cola can with a design that alludes to the sandwich’s original recipe: two hamburgers, lettuce, cheese, special sauce, onions and pickles on a sesame seed bun.

Advertising Agency:DPZ&T, São Paulo, Brazil
General Creative Direction:Rafael Urenha
Executive Creative Direction:Carlos Schleder, Sergio Mugnaini, Rapha Abreu
CocaCola:Rapha Abreu
Creative Director:Daniel Motta, Rodrigo Vezzá
Creative Team:Fred Sekkel, Gabriel Abrucio, Kiko Ferreira, Rafael Avila, Yuri Saboya, Pedro Silva, andré_Leigo, André Araki
Client Services:Eduardo Brunoro, Martin Barrios, Mariana Magalhães, Deocleciano Junior, Thais Urenha
Planning:Fernando Diniz, Amanda Agostini, Chris Toledo, Krizia Gatica
Media:Paulo Ilha, Rodrigo Tamer, Edera Bonato, Bruno Sabor, Júlia Duarte
Projects:Marcos Yamamura, Luiz Felipe Rodriguez
Content:Adriana Blanco
Radio And Tv Production:Ducha Lopes, Karen Nakamura
Production House:Trust Filmes, Victor Brandão, Larissa Fernandes, Simone Oliveri, Deocleciano Junior, Eric Ruiz
Direction:Luis Zutin
Production Team:Victor Brandão, Larissa Fernandes, Simone Oliveri
Executive Producer:Deocleciano Junior
Production Director:Alex Leonardo, Maurício Olivieri E Deocleciano Júnior
Director Of Photography:Eric Ruiz
Editing:André Germaniani, Leandro Torres, Eric Ruiz
Post Film Coordinator:Trust Filmes
Finalizing:André Germaniani
Post Production:Trust Filmes
Sound Production House:Lucha Libre Audio
Soundtrack:Paulo Corcione E Equipe Lucha
Production:Paulo Corcione E Equipe Lucha
Graphic Production:Marcos Moura, Durval Brum
Can Production:Índice.In
Packaging Production:P+E
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