DenizBank: Credit X

April 10, 2018Filed under Online and Banking, Financial Services

Unboxing videos are one of the most popular content types on YouTube. We used specific device targeting feature of YouTube ads in a way that’s never done before. We shot 18 different pre-roll videos with 18 different phone models (7 Apple models, 11 Samsung models) to play the most popular unboxing videos on YouTube. People saw their own phone model coming out of an iPhone X box or a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 box as a surprise. Our host then informed people about the new loan we created for people who want to buy smartphones and led them to apply for “Credit X”

Advertising Agency:FCBRAM, Istanbul, Turkey
Creative Director:Bahadır Canberk, Utku Ergin
Copywriter:Utku Ergin
Art Directors:Seda Çeşmebaşı, Selin Aylin Aydın, Anıl Uz
Photographer:Mustafa Aslan
Additional Credits:Esra Gözde Kılıç, Tuana Levi, Ceyda Candaroğlu Aslan
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