Greenlife: Set Your Mind Free

January 09, 2018Filed under Outdoor, Print and Professional Services
Greenlife: Set Your Mind Free 1
Greenlife: Set Your Mind Free 2
Greenlife: Set Your Mind Free 3

Muted agony entangles you in shadows

Deafening despair entangles you in emptiness

Blind fear entangles you in darkness

In Bangladesh, an increasing number of young people are today being affected by mental health issues. To help them recognize that they indeed have a problem, the Green Life Rehabilitation facility wanted to raise awareness of existing and accessible mental health services through a series of impactful communications that strike a chord. Most cafes and restaurants in the country are too expensive for young people to visit very often, so the places most frequented by them are their Universities or the streets, bridges, and parks of their city. Three posters were created for the places where they hang out, to generate the right buzz and to help them retain awareness through frequent exposure to these communications.

Each of the posters features a figure that is sketched with circular motions of a pen-mouse. The grey images visually illustrate the feelings of being “entangled” within a negative state of mind because of suppressing dark emotions. With the gestures of “see, hear and speak no evil”, the three images are instead used to express the states of “entanglement” and confinement that are further intensified through the copies. The copies and images are intended to inspire hope among the afflicted people with a message that they can indeed break out of their negative head spaces by reaching out and seeking help.

Advertising Agency:Asiatic JWT, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Managing Director:Ferdous Hasan Neville
Associate Vice President:Sharmin Rahman
Creative:Sharmin Rahman
Senior Art Director:Regan Bello
Illustrator:Regan Bello
Copywriter:Mehjabeen Kabir
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