Christie's: The Last da Vinci

November 14, 2017Filed under Film and Professional Services

Christie's partnered with Droga5 to create a special project that would bring the world's attention to the significance of what was happening - the sale of the last Leonardo da Vinci. “The Last da Vinci” was brought back into the public eye by sharing the emotional story of how the world responded to seeing this very private painting on public view.

We did this by focusing on what it is that makes the masterpiece a masterpiece. And what makes artworks like this so special. Rather than celebrate the image itself, we turned the camera around and captured the emotion of those who came to see it - in the most real and human way. The painting was placed on display and as the world looked on, Leonardo looked back. We showed exactly how breathtaking this work was by simply not showing it at all.

The end result? A moving film crafted from hidden camera footage that documents real emotional reactions of visitors and showed the impact this piece of art history has on us as we look upon it.

Advertising Agency:Droga5, New York, USA
Creative Chairman:David Droga
Chief Creative Officer:Ted Royer
Creative Directors:Laurie Howell, Toby Treyer-Evans
Senior Copywriter:Tom McQueen
Chief Creation Officer:Sally-Ann Dale
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