Dove: Real Beauty Beats

September 30, 2016Filed under PR, Online and Health, Beauty, Pharmaceutical

Dove proves that real beauty touches the heart. Campaign monitors men’s heart rates while they describe female beauty. Dove is known worldwide for promoting ‘real beauty’ in campaigns that highlight the importance of women’s self-esteem. With this motto, the project Real Beauty Beats was designed by the creative studio Black Ship for Dove Portugal. 

Carried out for the first time with men only, this new experiment shows their reactions when describing different women’s beauty projected on a screen. Filmed in an apparently abandoned warehouse, the mysterious environment is reinforced by the fact that participants’ heart rates are monitored in real time. 

Models are in the first sequence of projected pictures, generating only superficial praise related to their physical characteristics. In the second sequence, images of special women are unexpectedly shown to the participants, such as a partner or a family member. From this point on, emotion takes over the experiment. 

Memories and feelings like love, affection, gratitude and admiration come associated with the descriptions. At this moment, the considerable increase in heart rate leaves no doubt – real beauty, literally, touches the heart. 

In addition to inspire people all over the world, the project intends to promote Dove Beleza Real ( digital platform, whose primary aim is to encourage women everywhere develop a positive relationship with the way they look, helping them raise their self-esteem and realize their full potential.

Advertising Agency:Blackship, Portugal
Creative Director:Henrique Neves
Art Director:Daniel Neves, Luis Stone
Copywriter:Henrique Neves
Project Director:Frederico Ferreira
Casting Director:Joana Pote
Director Of Photography:Carlos Cipriano, Duarte Domingues 
Post Production:BAMP
Sound:Sound Station
Assistants:Ricardo Jesus, Marco Bento, Adriana Carvalho
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