L´Oréal: The Waterproof Experience

June 12, 2015Filed under Media, Promo, PR and Health, Beauty, Pharmaceutical

Women like to express their emotions, but there are times when they don´t want anyone to notice it. McCann Mexico decided to show the emotional value of L´Oréal waterproof mascaras in a special event that took a 100 women to the movies to have a different experience.
The women were welcomed and had their makeup done by L´Oréal beauty experts, that used the waterproof mascara, and then had their photo taken, showing them how beautiful they looked.
After that, they were invited to watch the movie, a very emotional one…the blockbuster Titanic. Tears rolled down during the 2 hour screening, and by the end of it they had their pictures taken once more, and they were able to see the before and after the movie shot in a digital screen, and check how their make-up was intact thanks to the waterproof resistance of L´Oréal Mascaras.
The action became a video to be shared in L'Oréal social media channels.

Advertising Agency:McCann, Mexico City, Mexico
Creative Vp:Javi Carro
Creative account group director:Joanna López
Associated creative diretor:Roberto Martínez
Senior Copy Writer:Adria Jauregui
Art Diretor:Myriam Barrios
Account Dircetor:Audrey Amselli
Production House:Unidad 59
Film Director:David “Leche” Ruiz
Production Director:Juan Gonzalez
Production:Rafael López
Client Approval:Delphine Aphecetche
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