Covergirl: The Safety Makeup


Covergirl wanted to generate awareness about a misuse of its product: applying make up while driving. Being the cause of 1 out of 5 car accidents in México, we let the product do the talking. "Covergirl's Safety Make Up" is the first giveaway sample that opens once you lock your car. The samples were modified with a simple and economic device: an electronic system locking the sample would unlock it through the radio frequency emitted by car keys, so once the car is closed, the sample would open, uncovering our caring message: Don't make up and drive. Protect your beauty, Covergirls! We took it to the streets and handed 1,000 free samples to women who were applying make up in their cars. Using the giveaway as our own media, we invited our Covergirls to lock their cars and unlock their beauty. COVERGIRL. Easy, breezy, beautiful & safe.

Advertising Agency:Grey, Mexico City, Mexico
Chief Creative Officer:: Pepe Aguilar
General Creative Director:Luis Guillén, Víctor Figueroa
Group Creative Director:Rulax Rivera, Miguel Ottati
Art Director:Laura Abril Chimal
Copywriter:Rulax Rivera, Miguel Ottati
Account:María Luisa Pinto, Mauricio Vazquez, Daniela Kelly, Marta Cruz
Company Production:Contenido Neto Producciones S.A. De C.V., Postal Films
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