Earl Jean Cool Knitted Denim: Fitting Room Challenge

April 23, 2015Filed under Film, Online and Fashion, Clothing, Footwear

Is It OK to wear jeans when exercising? Dancing? Jogging? Well, many People doubt that. When picturing a jogger, It’s quite obvious people have a specific mental image in mind:Fit, sweaty, wearing running bottoms and a tank top, and gazelle-like. “JEANS” is definitely on the list of “what NOT to wear for sport.”

However, Earl Jean Taiwan launched a new product called“Cool knitted Denim”, the jeans you can sport for sports, which are easy to move in, breathable and moisture-wicking. Here comes the challenge:How to introduce the product when jeans are the last type of pants that people would wear for sports? “To see is to believe.” The Earl Jean and Taiwan agency Rules Creative decide to let customers get true experiences in a terrifyingly hilarious stunt.

Then the product can speak for itself. Unsuspecting customers at the Earl Jean store were startled when trying on the jeans in a normal looking fitting room. The floor began to move quickly like treadmills, they were forced to run to keep their balance. Confused, excited, flustered…, whether customers showed different reactions, The Earl Jean successfully aligned itself a sense of fun and energy, communicated its product features to its target audience by this fun experiential marketing stunt. 

Advertising Agency:Rules Creative, Taipei, Taiwan
Creative:Jarvis, Liv
Director&Production:Trihit Pictures
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