Kurka: Bodybuilder Cheecan, Silicon Cheecan, Submissive Cheecan

July 14, 2014Filed under Print and Food

You like 'em GMO pumped up half-breed cheeacans? Don’t go and stuff ye’r meat sack full of them GMOs. Try yourself a proper like organic cheecan - me!

Now here is another typical member of the supermarket cheecan. Bless her poor empty soul, nothing but silicon in there, now that just can’t taste good. Now I am a real, unadulterated, cheecan. Sink your meat shredders into me.

You want not natural-like, dang it, that just don’t make no sense! Instead fry me up real good, I’m right natural cheecan.

Kurka is a local Ukrainian brand. It was created by common farmers, who grow chicken with the help of traditional means, that were used by their fathers and grandfathers. This hens look at the sun, run across grass, know nothing about industrial foods and, as a result, grow up natural and tasty! That's why advertising for such brand must be absolutely natural. Our prints were hand painted on real canvases by real Ukrainian artist Ivan Semesyuk.


Advertising Agency:NII, Kyiv, Ukraine
Creative Director:Alexey Novikov
Art Director:Liza Vnukova
Copywriter:Daniel Liakh, Anton Pustovoy
Illustrator:Ivan Semesyuk
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