Toyotecno House-cleaning service: Little Man Pee Cleans Up

June 05, 2014Filed under Media, Outdoor and House, Garden, Pets

When a man urinates standing up, the droplets make floors and walls of the bathroom dirty, causing bad odor. Nonetheless, in most Japanese households, bathroom cleaning has been, and still is, considered a woman’s chore. Only 7.5% of husbands clean the floor and the walls of the bathroom. 

As a house-cleaning brand, TOYOTECNO wanted to raise awareness among men on this matter to lessen the housework burden of women. We leveraged Little Man Pee, the symbol of standing urination. We replaced one of Japan’s most well-known statues of Little Man Pee with a sculpture of Little Man Pee cleaning the floor, to communicate the message: “Gentlemen...if you stand up, clean up!” We created the news that “Little Man Pee cleans the floor he dirtied”. It made men realize they were the ones dirtying the bathrooms, and encouraged them to participate in bathroom cleaning.

Advertising Agency:I&S Bbdo, Tokyo, Japan
Senior Creative Director:Shinichi Ikeda
Creative Director:Takahiro Sakai
Art Director:Takahiro Sakai
Agency Producer:Hironobu Taniguchi
Producers:Tomoaki Watanabe, Noriyuki Yasumitsu
Production Design:Naga Ishii
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